A Tale of Two Pitches: How to Create an Elevator Pitch

Written by Adrian Cunanan

March 6, 2018

An elevator pitch is the entrepreneur’s chance to spark interest in their company.  It is meant as an intro and a successful one is clear, concise, and catalyzes a more in-depth discussion.

Here we present two versions of the ThriveStreams Elevator Pitch.

The first one we used for Launch Day at Blueprint Health.  This event was meant as an opportunity for the accelerator’s cohort to formally introduce themselves to the healthcare community.

Blueprint Health Version

Hi my name is Adrian Cunanan and our company is ThriveStreams.

Previously I worked in IT consulting and my cofounder Ryan is an experienced mobile developer. We’ve both experienced mental health challenges, bringing first hand patient experience to our work.

Our software uses narrow artificial intelligence to identify and support individuals that can benefit from mental health care. We deliver evidence-based surveys, wellness reports, and coaching via a conversational mental health bot.

This can be very valuable to employers, allowing them to increase productivity and reduce medical costs due to mental health conditions.

Currently, we have one paid customer and our solution is being used for a research study funded by the NIH with 3 mental health organizations. We look forward to meeting you and sharing more about our progress at ThriveStreams.

The second version is one we crafted using directions available from Y Combinator.  We used it for every other opportunity to pitch the company.  The first 30 seconds can buy you the opportunity to complete 2 minute version.

Click Here for instructions on how to craft your own YC Elevator Pitch 

Y Combinator Version

30 Second Pitch:

ThriveStreams helps employers to reduce the cost of mental health in the workplace with technology for early identification and intervention of employees facing mental health challenges.

The current paper-based employee assistance program market is valued at $5 billion dollars.

We signed our first customer, QBIS Group, and our solution is being used for a research study funded by the National Institutes of Health.

2 Minute Pitch:

(Insert 30 Second Pitch)

Traditionally in mental health, individuals are screened and connected to the most expensive resource in the form of a human provider.

Our scalable solution uses low-level artificial intelligence to deliver evidence-based screening and therapy programs before escalation to a human.

We charge employers $30 per employee per year, which is in-line with the cost of current paper-based employee assistance programs.

Our founding team is made up of a two technologists with unique first-hand patient experience of overcoming mental health challenges.

We are currently raising $500,000, which will help us sign 25 customers and reach a $750,000 annual run rate by the end of 2017.

We hope that these pitches can help you to form your own “Accelerator Quality” Elevator Pitch.

Good luck and feel free to comment on which pitch you like better in the comments.

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